VFW: Veterans of Foreign Wars

A disabled Vietnam War veteran and a retired Marine general are promoting a program to help wounded vets become licensed Wall Street stock brokers.

Operation Wall Street is a financial industry career training program created at the Philadelphia brokerage firm Drexel Hamilton, whose executives mostly are veterans.

Two of those executives are Lawrence Doll, a Vietnam vet and chairman of the firm, and retired Marine general Peter Pace, a Drexel Hamilton partner who heads the firm’s Wall Street War Fighters Foundation.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Operation Wall Street will cover academic preparation for securities‑licensing exams, a formal internship and all expenses, including room and board in Philadelphia, and in‑house training at Goldman Sachs Group, Inc., of New York. The program began in January.

Operation Wall Street is open to all U.S. military veterans who have experienced physical or combat‑stress related injuries while serving on active duty. They also must qualify for federal or state service‑related disability benefits. For more information, visit Drexel Hamilton’s Web site at www.drexelhamilton.com.