Our Mission

The mission of Wall Street Warfighters Foundation is to identify, develop, and place service disabled veterans in careers in the financial services industry.

Our Approach

Based in Philadelphia, the program is a six month in-residence course which includes class work, field work, exam preparation and testing, mentorship, apprenticeships and internships, all designed to expose these veterans to the broader aspects of the financial services industry, and to help them gain access to rewarding careers. Corporate partners benefit by adding proven problem solvers to their organization’s workforce, and are enriched through the mentorship and leadership opportunities the program offers.

Our Belief

The Wall Street Warfighters Foundation offers a WIN – WIN – WIN opportunity:

Our Veterans WIN – our program is designed to mentor and train service-disabled veterans to help them obtain financial security, professional satisfaction and personal independence.  The flexibility and range of jobs available makes the financial services community well suited to employ returning veterans.  Program participants gain valuable exposure to a wide variety of financial services opportunities, with instruction and mentorship by experts in the business.

Our Partners WIN – through hiring responsible, self-disciplined problem-solvers, with quantitative decision-making and risk analysis skills developed under the most arduous of conditions, the financial sector gains loyal and talented employees who thrive under pressure.  We believe that investors find it comforting to have people with enormous integrity watching over their financial assets.

Our Nation WINS – our country’s strength comes from both a strong national defense, and a strong private sector.  Hiring veterans in the financial services industry strengthens both!   Returning veterans continue to contribute and participate in the very fabric of this Nation.  By employing veterans America keeps faith with those who have sacrificed enormously for our country, and encourages future generations to serve.

Our History

The Wall Street Warfighters Foundation grew from the idea that given the opportunity, service-disabled veterans will excel in a work environment where integrity and moral courage are valued, and where their physical challenges are simply not a factor.  The Foundation was created in late 2008 by principals of Drexel Hamilton, LLC, an institutional broker-dealer in Philadelphia that was founded on the principle of offering meaningful employment opportunities to disabled veterans desiring a career in financial services.  Retired Marine General Peter Pace, the 16th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff agreed to serve as Chairman of the Board, and in December, 2008, the first Wall Street Warfighters class began with two students.

Our Results

With more than 50 participants and graduates, the Wall Street Warfighters Foundation continues to gain momentum with each class of veterans we recruit, train and place in the financial services industry.  Ultimately, the most important measurement of our program’s success is job placement.  Please visit the Alumni page to learn more about our warfighters and their current positions on Wall Street – and Main Street.

Our Financial Information

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2010 Annual Audit | download
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For financial information from prior years, please contact our accountant, Abby.

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