Supporting service-disabled veterans who have selflessly ensured freedom and opportunity for all of us is personally and professionally rewarding.  But it is more than a philanthropic endeavor – it’s good business.  Veterans are proven problem solvers, bringing their principled leadership, and ethical decision-making skills to your organization’s mission.

We look to build partnerships that offer a rewarding experience for our warfighters as well as our partners, tailoring each partnership to apply the specific strengths and capabilities of interested firms to the unique training requirements of our veterans.

This support can best be described in four categories:

Exposure and Training

One of the most valuable aspects of our program is the exposure our students receive to the financial industry.  The opportunity to visit a firm and meet with Executives, Human Resource Managers, Traders, and Compliance Personnel gives our recruits a sense of the firm’s overall culture.  They also gain an appreciation for the “day in the life of” responsibilities and expectations of the financial industry.  Partner firms have indicated that they likewise gain much from this experience, as they recognize the values and skill sets of our veterans, and begin to connect strengths and personalities with the dynamics of their firm’s work force.

Apprenticeships/Internships and Job Placement

Job training, leading to employment is the ultimate goal of each of our warfighters participating in the program.  The WSWF program provides unprecedented access to many firms in the financial services industry, and those firms have the added benefit of getting to know our warfighters.  The Foundation seeks partners who offer apprenticeship/internship opportunities which may lead to full time employment.  We are also looking to develop formal partnerships with employment partners offering established placement goals for our veterans.


The professional work force of partnering firms offers a great source of wisdom, networking, and career development for individual veterans as they navigate the transition from military service to civilian service.

Grants and Fund Raising

Contributions and fund-raising are the life line of any non-profit organization.  Wall Street Warfighters Foundation consistently keeps administrative costs under 5% which allows us to direct the vast majority of our resources to their intended recipients – our warfighters.  Many partnerships provide the much-needed capital to meet the practical requirements of housing and educating our veterans, and assisting them in securing satisfying and long term careers.

How can you help?

  • Provide/lead professional skills phase training for warfighters
  • Serve on an advisory board to support development and execution of program curriculum
  • Offer short-term shadowing opportunities to expose warfighters to a range of different financial services roles
  • Establish apprenticeship or internship opportunities for warfighters to gain greater depth of knowledge and exposure to your firm
  • Incorporate Wall Street Warfighters Foundation into your firm’s talent acquisition strategy
  • Provide pool of volunteer mentors/career coaches for our warfighters
  • Sponsor warfighters to participate in the program

We rely on the generosity of our partners, supporters, and volunteers to help us accomplish our mission, and would welcome the opportunity to build a partnership that offers a rewarding experience for both your organization and our veterans.

Please contact Brooks for more information on how your organization can get involved.

Individuals who want to learn more about volunteering or mentoring opportunities, please contact Ron.

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