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On behalf of everyone associated with the Foundation, we offer our heartfelt thanks for your support – you’ve made 2013 a very successful year for so many of our Nation’s veterans!

High Five! - 2013 marked the 5th anniversary of Wall Street Warfighters.  Beginning with just 2 students in 2008, we now have the capacity to train 24 warfighters in our newly remodeled facility in Philadelphia.  We also have the flexibility to support an unlimited number in our non-resident program.  In five short years, more than 125 veterans have graduated from or are currently participating in the program.  The Foundation continues to gain momentum with each class of veterans we recruit, train and place in the financial services industry.

Telling the WSWF Story - Retired Marine General Peter Pace, the Foundation’s Chairman shared the Wall Street Warfighters’ story while addressing the Financial Services Institute’s annual Financial Advisor Summit in Washington DC, and was also a keynote speaker during the Veterans On Wall Street (VOWS) Veteran Employment Symposium in New York City.  Whether through public appearances, the website, word of mouth, or the incredible example of our alumni, our “brand” is solid and our reputation sound.

Success = Employment - 95% of program participants have been hired as a result of the training and exposure opportunities provided by WSWF.  Our graduates work on Wall Street and Main Street, at all levels within the financial services industry. We are especially proud of the fact that in the last 12 months, many new industry partners have joined the list of WSWF Employers.  The ever-growing number of firms who have hired our warfighters, or have offered in-kind donations through workshops, lectures, and hands-on training demonstrates the quality of our veterans and the effectiveness of our program.

The Business of The Business - Wall Street Warfighters offers eligible post-9/11 veterans a six-month academic and industry immersion scholarship, providing valuable exposure to a wide variety of financial services opportunities, with instruction and mentorship by experts in the business – at no cost to the veterans.  The Foundation pays for all travel expenses, lodging, food, training materials, workshop and securities licensing examination fees, professional wardrobe and when needed, provides a small monthly stipend to cover personal expenses.

Moving the Needle - Wall Street Warfighters graduates have worked hard and established themselves on a career path that offers financial security, professional satisfaction and personal independence.  The impact is both personal and far-reaching as each veteran’s success sustains entire family trees.

Wall Street Warfighters also has a profound impact on the firms who employ our graduates.  Our veterans have proven themselves as disciplined, loyal, responsible leaders who thrive under pressure.  They are team builders, and problem-solvers, who bring a strong work ethic, moral courage, and tremendous optimism to every issue.

Supporting WSWF - We appreciate that Wall Street Warfighters is among many worthy charities, all vying for your attention and your limited resources.  We are proud to serve our veteran community effectively AND efficiently, using 97 cents of every dollar we receive to directly support our veterans. Every donation has a very real impact on our transitioning veterans and their families.

Our Nation’s veterans don’t need, and don’t want, a handout.  All they need is a hand up – the opportunity to prove themselves as they adapt their skillsets to even the most challenging civilian careers.  The Wall Street Warfighters Foundation looks forward to continuing to facilitate that opportunity!

To read more information click this link WSWF Update - 2013.